Previous versions

This website has been a dump since Mar 9, 2022, with 3-4 previous version dedicated to my love for the style of Manba-gyaru. I started this site when I was 16 and have poured countless hours into it - but it never felt 'right' to me. I'm no master at code, so the site has always felt clunky, cluttered and random. You will need to open images in a new tab to see them properly ...

Kuroba's den

This was the original version of the site - It obviously is very empty now, since most of the graphics and content was lost/deleted over the years. You can see the basic shell of the site, when it was called "Kuroba's Den" or "クローバーデン" (Clover den).

East coast gal

This was the second version of the site, which was a major upgrade, with a scrollbox and side panels. It used to have a header and menu buttons at the top, and the name was changed to "East Coast Gal".

After a while, I kept the look of the site, but changed it to have a large box one the left side next to a main page, with cute menu buttons and an image marquee. This was probably the longest state of the site, and I took a long break from updating unfortunately.


This was the third version of the site, the state it was in until quite recently. In this version, I gave the website a huge revamp, changing the theme from blue to pink, with a completely different interface with a layout made by @Repth. I was very happy with this but it still felt 'incomplete', too empty and basic for my liking, and after a while I decided to change my site away from gyaru style and make something that felt more personal.

cocopie V.1

I liked this version sooo much, I felt like it was a massive step-up from all previous versions of the site, but I also felt like it was too messy and had too much going on, and was heavily inspired from other sites so I wanted to change it to something that felt more authentic :-)